The Book Of Honk  is an outdoor studio portrait project by me, Chris Yeager. We photograph at the annual Honk! weekend convention of activist marching bands in Somerville, Massachusetts. We've got portraits going back to 2009, and parade pictures going back to 2007. Since  March 2013 we have been photographing at the Honk in Austin, "HonkTX".  The picture above is of Dallas music photographer Chuck Flores at work at HonkTX '16. (Photo by Henrique "Kiki" Baldwin.. our other Texas contributor). There are hundreds of pictures spanning the years. If we shot you, you're in here!

Commerce, Rights, Support, and PRINTS!
It's OK with me if you copy files for personal use, FB, band site, whatever... - BUT- you can support the Book of Honk and put some big fine art on your walls too. Look for the "Buy" button or the shopping cart icon to get an awesome print quick!  It has never been easier to order these. They are vividly color-correct, fabulous and you'll love 'em!

A lot of people ask whether they can buy a hi res file, to use for band promos or to print themselves. The answer is yes, and it's easy and cheap. Just use the Download tab on the checkout form. It's $10.99 for the file.

Where am I?

Use the keywords to find your band. If you have been mis-banded, (and it happens!) let me know and Ill fix the keywords.

Feedback from the Front...

"EE, as many bands, does not have the resources to document our trip, so this is excellent! - EE certainly loves what you do, and thank you again."
-Mike Smith, Environmental Encroachment Marching Band, Chicago.

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